The dying art of having meaningful conversation

We’ve all read the famous Stephen Covey quote,”Most people do not listen with the intent to understand;they listen with the intent to reply”,on our social media newsfeed and wondered how true it is,when we relate it to our own set of experiences.Yet somewhere it is us,who fail to indulge in a ‘good’ conversation precisely because of the lack of listening.
In this era of WhatsApp statuses,Facebook feeds and Snapchat stories,we all want to be heard.Yet surprisingly we do not want to listen.Today real discussions and discourses have become difficult.We are so immersed in our own sorrows that listening to other people’s problems,stories or opinions is f little importance to us.In the middle of a conversation,people start equating people’s sorrow with their own.Even though it is likely that you have been hit with a similar experience,the speaker’s insight could have something to offer.It could be a different perspective,a angle,a different justification or maybe a twist in the plot.We need to understand that experiences are different for everyone.It is natural to get distracted in the middle of a conversation because thought strikes in at the most random of all occasions.It is important to brush these thoughts aside to be in the conversation because,you cannot truly listen to anyone and do anything else at the same time.So listen,with full attention.

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