The dying art of having meaningful conversation

We’ve all read the famous Stephen Covey quote,”Most people do not listen with the intent to understand;they listen with the intent to reply”,on our social media newsfeed and wondered how true it is,when we relate it to our own set of experiences.Yet somewhere it is us,who fail to indulge in a ‘good’ conversation precisely because of the lack of listening.
In this era of WhatsApp statuses,Facebook feeds and Snapchat stories,we all want to be heard.Yet surprisingly we do not want to listen.Today real discussions and discourses have become difficult.We are so immersed in our own sorrows that listening to other people’s problems,stories or opinions is f little importance to us.In the middle of a conversation,people start equating people’s sorrow with their own.Even though it is likely that you have been hit with a similar experience,the speaker’s insight could have something to offer.It could be a different perspective,a angle,a different justification or maybe a twist in the plot.We need to understand that experiences are different for everyone.It is natural to get distracted in the middle of a conversation because thought strikes in at the most random of all occasions.It is important to brush these thoughts aside to be in the conversation because,you cannot truly listen to anyone and do anything else at the same time.So listen,with full attention.

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Saree Love!

Saree Love!

It’s been a very long time since my last blog post and I know I was so out of track when it came to blogging.

But never the less I’m back with an elegant post and I’m sure you are gonna definitely love this one as it’s a post on our traditional Indian saree.

Saree in my humble opinion is one of the sexiest,elegant and versatile dress ever created.Well,the Indian saree is one of the fewest piece of clothing that combines charm,sensuality and allure in a space of nine yards!Yes this sounds spectacular and equally pleasing to the eyes as well.The traditional Indian saree is a contemporary masterpiece now!Thanks to the world class designers who have redefined the traditional piece of clothing into the ultimate party wear,casual wear,office wear,festive wear and evening wear.
The saree has become a fashion statement for today’s beautiful and is an apt true tribute to their spirit.Chiffon sarees find a special mention in the segment of modern Indian sarees owing to it’s sheer elegance and beauty.Chiffon is a lightweight plain woven fabric with a mesh like weave that gives it transparent appearance.
The charm of Indian saree is class apart from rest.In order to glam up for the wedding of my sister I opted for Saree and it was the first I had clad this dress.

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War of Shame

War of Shame

Rising up from the ashes of Syrian Civil War
Walls left in place and cores of joist
But seeping through the doors of perception
A fog of more than war,
That takes all space, all time-
No place can escape one’s skin
No line stand long between lungs,breath
No barricade bar this death.

I bandage my heart with nostalgia of those little fingers that does not rest
Limbs that leans on fate
A fate ruled by dumb rifles
Of boys of defiance who have grown into
Men of bandoleers and Kalashnikovs.

A land far from the Hind
Where kids are stabbed to death and mothers smothered on kitchen floor
Millions have fled the shattered Syrian landscape
Escaping on knife blades with swollen feet.

My words are bound in blood and speak of graves and broken bones.
I cry with shame of the Civil war
Where there’s nothing civil about war
The war is a monster that has devoured the green.
Forgive my soul for just being a mute spectator.

Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest

American-Russian author Vera Nazarian says it so beautifully,”Whenever you read a good book,somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.”I consider reading habits as one of the greatest gift I can acquire.For ‘Readaholics’ like me,reading is a lifeline.I can do without anything but not without reading as a daily habit.The beauty of reading is that it sets you free from many things,primarily of ignorance.Once you shed your ignorance,you embark on the way to the ultimate joy of satisfaction and happiness. Reading makes you rich,in fact richer than those who are millionaires and billionaires.After all knowledge is the greatest gift one can possess.It enlightens you and you feel as if you are a citizen of the entire world.

Being an avid reader,you may find it strange that I have never read a fancy novel before.I always had the habit of reading newspapers and magazines as reading a good book was a luxury for me.I always yearned to read books other than textbooks but I couldn’t afford to have one and maybe i was busy with not so necessary endeavours.I fell in love with words since very young and learning something new everyday made me feel more knowledgeable.I never miss reading.I try go through newspapers for a quick grasp even when I am running late for my work while travelling in Delhi metro.


Few months ago my elder brother came down to Delhi to visit us and bought some books of short stories .My face lit with happiness on getting such a lovely gift.He knows my joy of reading.Thank you bhaiyya for such a lovely gift.After being done with my exams I got the opportunity to get back to my love for reading.I stumbled upon   a book authored by Khaled Hosseini “The Kite Runner”.Just reading few chapter I just fell in love with it.I never wanted to this book to end.And dude after reading it had such a great impact on me.


To have his words grace us is a blessing.If beauty were to seep through the cracks our ugly world,if magic was a warrior strong enough, it would be Khaled Hosseini.His books are an assurance of tears,of emotions so strong it becomes difficult to stand under it all.Powerful words if there be any,Khaled penned them dow.Here are a favourite few.

KAKA Mania!

KAKA Mania!


Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite better known as KAKA is one of the best footballers today.

He is an amazing football player that currently plays for Orlando City FC in Major League Soccer.

Check out the most interesting things about Kaka

•Kaka was born in 1982,on April 22 in Brasilia,Brazil.
He started to play tennis but he decided to focus on football and he wasn’t wrong.

•He is loving his time in the Major League Soccer with Orlando City FC.The Brazilian is a hero in the US after his spell with Milan and Real Madrid.

•He is a devout Christian and has been asked for prayers by teammates.

•Kaka broke his back when he was 18,leaving him fearing for his career.

•The 32 year old believes Cristiano Ronaldo is better than Lionel Messi.

•He still hopes to represent the country in 2018 World Cup in Russia.

•He was one of the original world superstars,Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi of his day.

•In 2007,he was deemed the best player on planet,receiving twice as many votes as those two pretenders
to become Ballon d’Or winner and FIFA World Player of the year.

•In seven years since then,Ronaldo and Messi have fought for the crown, but 2007 was Kaka’s year;single-handedly obilerating Manchester United over two legs in Champions League at semi-final at AC Milan on his way to winning it and ending the tournament ad top-scorer.

•He was one of the world’s most expensive player behind Zenedine Zidane after his £56million transfer to Real Madrid.Today he is the most successful player in the US.

•He had a financially secure upbringing that allowed him to focus on school and football at the same time.

•His career at Rral Madrid was not that successful considering the fact that José Mourinho made him sit on the bench and lacked consistent playing,yet Kaka’s capacity to forgive,forgo blame and bitterness,shows he’s a true gentleman who holds no grudges.

•That humbleness is,perhaps down to his deeply religious upbringing.An iconic image remains from where Kaka finally won the Champions League for the first time.AC Milan beat Liverpool to avenge their astonishing victory and he had a message to purvey.
At the final whistle after having their hands at both the goals,he bent down to his knees and stripped off his jersey to reveal underneath a vest with ‘I belong to Jesus’ written on it,he held his hand out wide,palms facing up,closed his eyes and raised his head to the heavens.
The world’s eyes were upon a man transcending to the top of his sport.

•Kaka was immersed in Christian faith long before a miracle occurred in his life involved a frightening accident aged 18 ,broke his back and could have paid his football career.

Ricardo Kaka is not just a soccer player.He is the sun shining on soccer field.When he smiles it fills everyone up with an enormous sense of joy.When he gets benched it’s like an avalanche of earthquake destroying every building but when he scores even the opponents side has to clap.Some say ‘Bend it like Beckham’ but I say ‘Ball up like Kaka’.

Being a Die-hard Ricardo Kaka fan since very long,I admire everything about him.I look up to him for inspiration.