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Best Motivational Pictures

Best Motivational Pictures

These are some of the motivational pictures.If you really want to motivate yourself,try to be your own motivator.

Certain things which you need to keep in your mind:
1.Read stories of failures,instead of success stories,it will help to build your path in correct way and you will get to know what not to do.

2.Once you learn how to add,learn how to multiply.

3.Nobody will come to save you.This life of yours is 100% your responsibility.

4.There is nothing like comfort zone.Try to get out of it as soon as possible.

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Being a Writer-My startup

Being a Writer-My startup

I am not an experienced writer nor I have got a fiction mind.I have always wanted to write but most of the time I didn’t know what I wanted to write about.I feel a lot and being introvert I hardly express my feelings to anyone or pen down my thoughts.

For most of my time in school,I was one of losers.Not a geek,a loser.I didn’t do well enough in academics to be called a geek.And I didn’t hang out with the cool kids.Everyone wanted to hangout with them.They weren’t the nicest people of the lot but all of us wanted to be in that circle.Some got lucky and others became the object of daily ridicule.The teachers too weren’t particularly kind to the ones outside the precious clique especially if your ability to understand something is limited.

If you didn’t excel at something,you were a loser.I exceled at nothing except being a closet writer who was too shy to let the world know what I was writing.The teachers were hardly even aware of my presence except when my performance was reported to my parents where they would suddenly pretend that I was the only child whom they were expending all their efforts.One of the only good things about me,however, was that I talked little.Even that became a problem in my senior years at school.So I had nothing going in school.Literally.

I was always picked last for any extra-curricula activities.I was the only one who was itching to go home after school because there was literally no reason I’d want to stay a minute extra in school.When folks reminisce on social media about good times,I cringe at the thought of school.Who would want to go back there?.Only the cool kids.The ones who were treated like royalty,no matter what they did.

But lately I have seen what these cool kids have turned out to be and how the losers have lived their lives.The cool kids life that enamoured us for years,doesn’t seem magical anymore.They are dealing with the same soul sucking jobs .Life didn’t turn out fundamentally different for the cool kids.Instead,for some of them their peak has ended.That peak ended in school.There were no teachers to get through this exam and none of their buddies had time to be there for them.Over the years what I have realised is that one’s social status has nothing to do how life turns out to be.I see the boys who joked about my poor grades .I see the girls who ignored me giving a scathing look for talking to everyone without faltering.And I see the teachers who thought I couldn’t do anything in life marvel sarcastically that I am doing CA.Yes,the teachers are still terrible people.

So if you were a loser,know that you with your one or two friends,were probably better off than the ones who had tons of friends behind them but none that struck around.It’s okay to be average through school .It means you saved the best for the rest of your lives.

A Beautiful Mind:Movie Fanatic

A Beautiful Mind:Movie Fanatic

One of a like minded movie freak and my partner in movie crimes,suggested this movie to me and she might be surprised to see how much impact it had on me.

And yes,I was mesmerised.

As usual I am paralysed by analytics so blaming it on myself being a chartered accountant student,I watched the movie with so much focus that I picked up relatable things within me.

There were many lessons that I took from this movie:

•.Love your work,but don’t become a loner who shall have no one to talk,and eventually ends up with fictional characters in head.

•.No matter how nerdy,boring or introvert you are,you will find someone who will appreciate your beautiful mind.

•.Your partner, if right shall be with you,to cherish your victories and suffer your pain.

•.Nothing in this world is unconquerable.The difference between a genius and freak lies in the abilities to use your creation and control your perceptions.

•.In the end it’s all about the command you have on your mind.

•.And that,Perhaps it is good to have a beautiful mind,but an even greater gift is to have a beautiful heart.

And the last scene was epic.

Nash:[Making an acceptance speech in front of the Nobel Prize audience during the ceremony]I have always believed in numbers,in equations,logic and reason.But after a lifetime of such pursuits:I ask What truly is logic?Who decides reason?My quest has taken me to the physical,metaphysical,delusional and back.I have made the most important discovery of my career-the most important discovery of my life.It is only in the mysterious equations of love that any reason or logic an be found.I am only here tonight because of you.[Looking at and speaking to Alicia]You are the only reason I am.You are all my reasons.Thank you.

To wind up all I came to know is that Love is powerful,it can make you do all sort of things.